Vending Machines

Unicum at Vending Paris 2015

Unicum attracted visitors of the Vending Paris 2015 international exhibition not only with its impressive stand design, but with its technological breakthroughs: Move as the new generation of vending machines, Nero as the latest modification in table top machines, a unique mobile phone application and new street vending series, to name a few.

For many visitors, the Unicum stand proved to be one of the most interesting at the Paris exhibition. Made in corporate colors stand contained a recreational area, a space for business talks as well as equipment showroom. The experience was compact, convenient, and efficient.

However, it was not just the design of the stand that attracted the visitors. It was primarily innovations presented therein by Unicum. The vending machine Move, a joint Unicum and Selecta venture, drew the most attention along with the upgraded table top coffee machines Nero Fresh Milk and Nero To Go. A unique mobile phone application 24U was used to operate all the machines. 24U is a joint project with the British company 24vend.

Michel Milcent, CEO Selecta France: “The Unicum exhibition stand was the best in terms of innovation: Move machines with Selecta name on it were perfect, as were the coffee machines with a new interface. The QR code and the app were very impressive: this is really the future of vending payments!”

Vladimir Lopatin, CTO Unicum: “Move was the highlight of the exhibition and perhaps its single most impressive debut. Combined with our 24U app, the purchase process looked sci-fi. Also, everyone liked our Nero Fresh Milk upgrade: allegedly it was the most delicious cup of coffee at the show.”

In addition to presenting its innovative products, Unicum has officially announced at Vending Paris 2015 the opening of its international office and showroom in France.

As an important outcome of participation in the exhibition, Unicum notes an increased interest in its products from distributors in several European countries that now become potential sales markets.

“Such opportune combination of innovation and brand recognition establishes Unicum as a strong, vibrant, progressive company that can be a vending market leader not only in Russia but also internationally,” summed up Yana Vyshcherevich, Unicum marketing manager.

Besides new models, the Unicum stand also featured standard vending equipment: Rossobar, Foodbox, outdoors vending designs and so on. All of the machines presented at the Paris exhibition received due attention.



On March 18-19, the Vending Paris 2015 international exhibition took place in Paris, France, in conjunction with the Sandwich & Snack Show. The visitors explored latest innovative technology and design for the vending industry.