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Top-10 perspective vending ideas.

How make your vending machine profitable?

Successful company can’t work without understanding consumer market behavior. Without this understanding it makes gaining more customers difficult. Today Unicum starts a new information project, which will allow vending companies to stay abreast of consumer sentiment and to make right business decisions in time. It is always the most current researches of the consumer market, the latest analysis and interesting ideas for the development of vending business. Choose the tag "Unicum secrets of success" and join the world of modern and contemporary vending.

Today Unicum sum up 2014’s data about products the most popular among buyers of online stores. Vending machines essentially perform the same function as the online sellers: greatly simplifies the buying process for customers, making it easy, fast, and in many ways still profitable. Authoritative analytical agency Euromonitor International gives the list of goods purchased via the Internet and showed the greatest increase in demand this year:

10th place - medication

9th place - software, computer programs

8 place - toys

7th place - cosmetics

6th place - home appliances

5th place - movie tickets/theater

4th place - travel tickets

3rd place - clothing and footwear

2nd place - books and magazines

1st place - electronics

E-commerce profit is about $10.5 billion a year. Will vending machines compete for a part of this market? Of course, they will! Unicum has already formed a number of proposals for non-food vending. Vending machines FoodBox fully loaded with light box options and bright branding will become an excellent alternative to an infinite number of online stores. The main task is to choose the correct range.

For example, you choose to work with book vending machine. You should find the right set-point and pay attention to the assortment. It may be popular children's publications, press for transport or gift editions of famous writers. Don't forget about the most active buyers of books - students. Textbooks that are sometimes so difficult to find will be an excellent product for your machine.

Unicum recommended once again run through the Top-10 most popular products and find out the most convenient product for you business. In all matters of vending machine, Unicum Foodbox will be the best choice ever

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